I Love to READ

Reading/Literacy Genre

Reading this year will be composed of a new basal called Journeys, and novels. The basal will be used for reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and grammar. We will also be focusing on the different literacy genre. Literacy genre is divided into two parts: Fiction and Nonfiction.


1. Realistic Fiction: a story that has a made up storyline and characters, yet could really happen in real life.
2. Fantasy: a fantasy contains elements of the plot that could not really happen in real life such as magical powers and talking animals.
3. Science Fiction: science fiction is a type of Fantasy story that uses elements of science and technology.
4. Mystery: a mystery contains suspense with a problem that is not solved usually until the end of the story.
5. Historical Fiction: historical fiction takes place in the past ans usually tell a fictional story explaining an important person or event in history.


1. Autobiography: a story about a person's life told and narrated by that person.
2. Biography: a story of a person's life that is written and narrated by another person.
3. Traditional Literature: stories that have been passed down from one generation to another and usually teach a lesson. They include folk tales, fairy tales, fables, legends, tall tales, and myths.
4. Poetry: a written verse that hopes to evoke emotional response and usually includes rhyme and rhythm.
5. Expository: non-fictional resources that present true facts and real information usually written in a magazine.
6. Informational: non-fictional text (book) that provides true information, facts, and research about any given topic.