Reading is so much fun!!


Classroom Novels: Everyone reads the the novel. Reading Journal - what is required: read 20 minutes, write in journal these items --
date, name of book, page number's read, 2 vocabulary words, and summary of what you read. Journals due every Friday.
Novels: The Wishgiver, The Dollhouse Murders, Sign of the Beaver, Dear American Diaries (self-selected), Choice of Historical Novels Revolutionary War and Civil War (self-selected).
Directed Reading Groups: students assigned groups according to reading level.


This year the students will be tested on writing a 5 paragraph essay. This test is called DWA and will be taken on the computer in the computer room. The writing prompt will not be known until the students begin the test. We will be writing every week and learning how to create a 5 paragraph essay.

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