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Homework Policy

  1. Read every night and complete 1 book report every month
  2. Study Spelling words every night: 15 minutes
    1. spell words aloud
    2. write words
    3. take pretests - written or aloud
    4. type words on computer - a good way to increase typing skills and rate
  3. Math - there may be times when extra time at home on math will be required, or when work isn't finished at school.


  • I know that a student has enough time in class to complete classwork, however, some don't use their time wisely, so they may have classwork as well as assigned homework.
  • I want each student to enrich their learning by using the computer. There isn't enough class time for this, so I would like students to spend time at home working with the computer. This doesn't mean video games, it means educational games, word processing, and using my wikispace to link to proper sites.
  • I want each student to be a "kid" by enjoying time at home with family and having down time to relieve stress.
  • So, If you find your child is doing more that 1 and 1/2 hours of home work/night for more than 3 days, please contact me.