Code of Conduct For Responsible Behavior

  1. Students will always show respect for themselves, other students, all adults,and the property of others.
  2. Students will always exhibit appropriate language and behavior that will foster a pleasant and safe environment for everyone
  3. Students will follow all the rules as established by Jordan School District and individual classroom teachers.
  4. Dangerous or disruptive behavior is not acceptable and may (or can) result in automatic suspension from school.

Positive Consequence for following the Code of Conduct

  • improved self-worth
  • awards and certificates
  • assemblies
  • incentive activities
  • better grades
  • respect for other students
  • respect for teachers
  • respect for parents
  • student of the week
  • classroom parties/activities
  • greater freedom

Consequences of not following the Code of Conduct

  • STEP ONE: 1st warning - a warning from the teacher with an explanation of future consequences
  • STEP TWO: 2nd warning - loss of privileges or consequences appropriate to behavior. Parents contacted by teacher.
  • STEP THREE: 3rd warning - time out in another classroom. Conference with principal, parents, teacher, and student. Individual contract set up with student with written steps for improvement.
  • STEP FOUR: 4th warning - may result inautomatic suspension from the school. The severity of the infraction will determine, by the principal, whether it is out of school suspension or in school suspension