Classroom Rules

The 2 "R's"


I will respect:

myself - no put downs
others - be polite and courteous
property - take care of books, classroom, personal items, and others property

We DON'T say -- put down words like: stupid, dumb, idiot, shut up, I can't or swear words -- to ourselves or others


I am responsible for:

my own work
turning in all assignments
being to school on time
having a positive attitude
making good choices
owning up to my choices
taking pride in work
helping my fellow classmates


positive -- feeling good about my self, recess, activities, feel less stress, no pressure from teacher or parents, no extra homework, etc.
negative -- miss recess and/or activity, lost of extra homework, feel stressful, mad, sad, frustrated, don't feel good about myself, and pressure from parents and teacher.